La Pura Vida - El Verano de 2012

More to come from this outing…but here’s a little taste of what my morning consisted of. :)

To those of you who know me, remember when I said I liked swinging because it was as close to flying as I could get? Well, until sky-diving happens, I found a new level of “close.” 

**apologies for the video being side ways…I didn’t really have a free hand to hold the camera with. :P

Friday night/Saturday

Friday night was dinner and then dancing.
Saturday morning I went surfing! (pictures to come after my friend uploads the shots from her water proof camera)
Saturday afternoon I walked down the beach with Tiffany and collected shells, took a nap on the beach, played in the ocean (lost my sunglasses, boo).
Saturday night after watching the sunset, we all went out to dinner at a local pizzeria and then a few of us went back to our room and watched Toy Story in spanish before passing out at about 9:30. 

The five hour drive to Tamarindo. I fought sleep the whole way, because I will never tire of watching all of the beauty that is Costa Rica. And that sky…man, nothing like it.